*Brandon Shared His Skinny Body Max Testimony

” I was asked to write a testimony with Skinny Body MAX so here we go.

I have always been the chubby kid, but that was O.K. It was O.K. because I needed the protection around my waist. See, I had only one kidney for the first 22 years of my life and in life things go bad so I had a transplant at 24. My hero was my step dad, Ken. 8 years later, I have to still protect my kidney but now with weight loss. My wife Melony first introduced me to Amber and her journey.

Brandon2 Skinny Body Max Update

Amber was having really positive results and her fiance did also. It was her network of people who I knew as well. I didn’t see her as a salesperson but a friend. I bought skinny body max from her for Melony and I to try. We went with the buy 2 get one free special and figured this would give us each about 6 weeks to see results. WOW! First few days I was dropping pounds, but the whole water weight and fluctuations kept me skeptical. It was finally in the 2 weeks in and down about 8 pounds that I started believing.

I also discovered this new feeling that I had never had before- fullness. I remember specifically going to a local carnival with Melony and my normal eating habits had been cut in half! Now entering 5 weeks and down 13 pounds and it has stayed off. I still enjoy the cheeseburgers, pizza and such but the difference is the amount of these I am eating and the feeling of fullness quicker.

Yeah, sure someone could eat through the full feeling, but it is those habits that Skinny Body MAX has helped me learn to control and be successful through my own journey. I have noticeable more energy and stamina. Skinny Body MAX is a tool, a great tool to help you lose weight”

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