*Brenda’s Skinny Fiber Testimonial – Today was the last day of my 90 day challenge

Well here y’all go! Today was the last day of my 90 day challenge and these are my results…I am so happy I decided to try Skinny Fiber! I was having a hard time losing the weight I wanted on my own so I said what the heck I’ll give Skinny Fiber a try and boy am I glad I did, I started out at 195lbs and am down to 177lbs & lost 6.75 inches ta boot!Brenda Wentworth Skinny Fiber2

In the pic on the left everyone thought I was pregnant lol, well I wasn’t that was a result of many years of beer drinking.

I was always embarrassed when people asked me if I was pregnant and told them, “nah that’s just my personal keg”, trying to make a joke out of it but deep down it bothered me so it was time to do something about it!

The pic on the right is me after my first 90 day challenge, I don’t eat as much and I’ve cut way back on the beer, actually I really don’t crave beer or salty food anymore at all and now I have to remind myself to eat lol.

So if your thinking about trying Skinny Fiber I seriously recommend that you do, you wont regret it!

Did I mention that I have a lot more energy and I feel totally awesome too!

Try Skinny Fiber 100% Risk Free For 90 Days.

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