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“I started my weightloss journey back in August 2013. I weighed 208 lbs and was wearing a size 20 pants and a size 1X (almost 2X) in shirts. I hated myself and it took seeing pictures from my son’s baby shower to really give me the push to do something about it.

From August – November 2013 I watched my portions, ate in moderation, cut out fast foods and soda and increased my water intake. I was able to lose 25 lbs (in a 15/16 pants and XL/L shirts) on my own and maintain that weightloss thru the holidays. When I tried getting back to losing more come February 2014 the weight wouldn’t budge.
Amanda Skinny Fiber Updated Testimonial
I joined a weightloss support group on FB and started seeing posts about Skinny Fiber….I figured I’d give it a shot so in March 2014 I started my journey with it. I consistently took my Skinny Fiber, drank at least a gallon of water a day, watched my portions and ate in moderation (very little exercise – only random walks here and there with my kids) and by October 2014 I was down an additional 32 lbs and SEVERAL inches! I was now able to wear a 7/8 pants and S/M shirts!

I haven’t been taking it very consistently at all since October and I have been maintaining my weightloss with a slight fluctuation every now and then which is normal and I am now able to wear a size 5/6 pants!

Skinny Fiber has changed my life and I hope that you take the chance to let it change yours!”

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