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“My story is a little different than most. I was NOT always overweight. As a matter of fact, I was used to being the “skinny” one. Then after having my 4th child via a csection in 2007, I developed a hospital acquired post-op infection. Long story short…I was hospitalized and given multiple IV antibiotics, had two blood transfusions, blood clots, fluid on my lungs, damage to my liver, and ended up with a partial hysterectomy. I was only 32 years old. The year following, I had my ovaries, appendix, tonsils, and two cervical lymph nodes removed. As a result of all the surgeries, I was left with large abdominal hernias that also had to be repaired. During this time, I took several rounds of steroids, was unable to exercise, and ate whatever made me feel well. My recovery was slow and difficult, and I gained A LOT of weight! I was not comfortable in my own body, I avoided mirrors, and I was VERY unhappy.

Christen Skinny Fiber Review

My lowest point, and something I will never forget, was overhearing someone talk about me and saying “Wow! She really got fat!” I cried and cried! After that, I avoided people I knew. I skipped weddings, events, and even dodged people in the grocery store!

A friend of mine, Jackie, introduced me to Skinny Fiber in November of 2011. I had been following her progress and positive results with the product, but I was still skeptical. I had already tried so many different products and fad diets that had promised results, but did not deliver them. Finally, I decided to give one more product a try….Skinny Fiber! I figured with the 90 day, empty bottle money back guarantee, I had nothing to lose, but pounds!! And so my Skinny Fiber journey began!

Since taking Skinny Fiber, I have lost 36 lbs, countless inches, and went from a tight size 16 pants to a size 9/10! I take several maintenance medications including a thyroid pill and a hormone replacement. Skinny Fiber has not affected any of my meds! As a matter of fact, the dose of my thyroid pill was recently decreased for the first time ever! I had a liver biopsy in January 2012 (only 2 mths on Skinny Fiber) and for the first time since 2007, I had had positive results. My liver enzymes were finally in the normal range and they have remained that way ever since! I still have a fatty liver BUT there is a NEW, 14mm area on my most recent scan that shows an area of healthy, nonfatty liver. Wow! Where did that come from?! When my doctor asked me what I was doing differently, the only answer I had, was that I started to take Skinny Fiber!

I am so excited about the way Skinny Fiber and weight loss has changed my life that I want to inspire and motivate others to make a change for a better future!!! With Skinny Fiber, I am on the road to lifelong recovery, weight loss, improved health, and happiness! I often ask others, “What is holding you back from where you want to be in life??”
I would also like to share with everyone that Skinny Fiber did not work quickly for me. As a matter of fact, I only lost a few pounds the first month. I was really discouraged and thought about not taking it. I am more than thrilled that I stuck it out! I am a firm believer that people should choose a minimum 90 day challenge for this very reason. I was definitely one of those people that lost inches before pounds. I have had to learn NOT to look at the number on the scale, but instead go with how I feel and how my clothes fit. Skinny Fiber is a part of my daily routine now and for life!!!”

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