*Erika Shared Her Skinny Fiber Update

“As promised, here’s my stats on my latest 90 Day Challenge!

Here’s whaI I achieved so far:

I was very athletic before having health issues started in 1995. A lot of medications that didn’t work until I was finally diagnosed in 2003 with Fibromyalgia. Over the years other health issues arose – IBS, Migraines, Celiac (recently diagnosed), High Blood Pressure, Allergies to food, drugs and environmental.

With all kthe medications I gained a lot of weight! Even though I know I had no control of it but I still hating being this heavy! I try to always take pictures so that I don’t have to be in them. I look huge!!! I used to weigh 145lbs and worked with a Nathropath to get healthier and reduce meds. It did work at first but then it went back on, plus more! Tried so many different diets and in the end I only got bigger! Instead of another diet, I started working with a Dietician since February 2014 but only lost 23 lbs. I was stuck for 6 months before Skinny Fiber!
Erika Shared Her Skinny Fiber Update

Not only did I lose weight (12 lbs) and inches (14 inches), but the health benefits alone has been great!!! I’ve gone from size 18-20 (xxl) down to size 12-14 (medium)! I haven’t weighed 195 lbs since 2006 when we had our wedding renewal! I’m also working to get my medications.

I no longer take meds for IBS and working on lowering my anti-inflammatory (down one tablet so far). I feel better and have more energy than before! I have not had to use any meds for Migraines since starting Skinny Fiber. My hair is growing faster than before. My nails are no longer thin and bend backwards. They are healthier and stronger and growing like weeds. I don’t need to take Melatonin to sleep anymore. I could go on and on!

Before Skinny Fiber, I asked again my Doctor was there something else I could take to lose weight-NO due to my medical history! For months I asked questions, research the product before deciding I would try! Why not, it had a Money Back Guarantee! Of course I had my doubts because everything else I tried failed! Since it is 100% All Natural and had properties that some of my other holistic products I used to take. I know my body so I decided not to tell my Dietician or Doctor till I saw results! Just recently went to my Doctor and told him I was using Skinny Fiber, he told me that because it is 100% Natural and it was working for me, he has no problem me taking it! Whoo Hoo!!

There is so many nutrients in Skinny Fiber that I don’t needs to buy several other products that do not even compare! Skinny Fiber is definitely worth the cost!! I looking forward to more results, less medications as time goes on. I will be using Skinny Fiber for the rest of my life!!! LOVE SKINNY FIBER”

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