*Jacqueline Shared Her Skinny Fiber Update


I was going through some old pictures of myself last night and came across this… I do not have many pictures from when I was 238 pounds — I just don’t! I didn’t feel like Skinny Fiber was going to work for me either so I didn’t do before and afters or measurements and now I TOTALLY REGRET because as you see it DOES WORK!

Jacqueline Le Riche Skinny Fiber Update

I look at these pictures and my mind is blown… When I 1st came across the picture on the left I said “who is that?” to realize it was ME! Holy freaking cows!!!! You can tell by my self I am not horribly happy — You can see that the weight was weighing me down literally…. That picture is of a girl who wasn’t happy, was on 17 medications, that hated life and that shirt I had on for work was a XXL! I was at wits end of trying to find help!!!

Now the girl on the right….. That is a whole different story! I found myself in a sense… I found that once the weight started falling I had a spirit that wanted to shine. I think of that song by The Doors “Break on Through” — I had to BREAK down walls to get to the other side of my journey! It didn’t happen over night, it didn’t happen in 3 months nor 6 — it took me a year to get where I wanted to be! But when you lose weight like that you need a year to adjust to it honestly. Your body goes through so many changes and so does your mind.

The girl on the right is no longer on 17 meds — just 2 and they are only as needed!!!! I can’t say it has been an easy road — I have had set backs, I have gained some back, I have lost some back. But life is all about a bit of a struggle so you can fully appreciate the things you have in your life”

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