*Jacqueline’s Skinny Fiber Update


This is Jacqueline’s Skinny Fiber Update.. Its Awesome!!

“Wanted to give you guys an update of my b/a pics and this is what I have came up with!!!! Share away people!!!! Love you guys and hope you have a great day!!!!

This is my journey on Skinny Fiber. It has been up and down but mainly up!!! I have not only lost the weight and kept it off and I have a whole new outlook on life. For starters I am HAPPY with my body which is shown on my face as you can tell!!! I started at 238lbs although in the picture with the Christmas tree I did weigh 201lbs in the picture and still hard for me to believe that I was that heavy.Jacqueline Skinny Fiber Review

I am happy that I wore it well now when I look back but in my head I was fat all the time! Since May of 2014 I am off of all my pain medication, anti-depressants, and inhalers!!!!

I didn’t start going to the gym until May 2014 after being on Skinny Fiber since September of 2013 — Since then I went solidly from May-September every day if not every other day for sure to the gym and then I fell through with all that because life got all crazy!

I now weigh 136.8lbs!!! As of March 1st 2015 I started with the gym again. It isn’t necessary to go to the gym on Skinny Fiber but with all this weight loss I can now run so I do this as much as I can now days.

I also believe that working out takes me into my happy place more often than not. I love feeling the burn in my legs and arms the next day LoL I could just be weird. If it wasn’t for Skinny Fiber I would have never gotten to the gym nor would I be here today to tell you that with the right mind set that ANYTHING is possible! I took a chance and tried Skinny Fiber.

In the result of trying Skinny Fiber I changed for the better not only on the outside but inside.  I have more confidence, strength with battles life throws at me, courage to do more with myself and a grand opportunity to be able to help others such as YOURSELF! If you have questions I suggest you get a hold of someone you know who is selling Skinny Fiber! This product can change your life!!! Just like it did mine!!!! Today is the day to take a chance to make a change — but it is YOUR CHOICE for all of this to happen!!!!”

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