*Jessica Lynn Shared Her Skinny Fiber & Skinny Body Max Update

“22 pounds gone in about 2 months!!! I’m down from a size 12 sometimes 14 to an 8…and depending on the brand even a 6!! <I had 6s on yesterday lol> 156lbs to 134lbs.

I’m getting there.

Started my Skinny Fiber & Skinny Body Max the first of February and even ran out for about a week. Plus I am down from a 34 bra size to a 32. I am trying to watch portions which these products help drastically with for me but no dieting and no major working out other than my little challenges I post a few times a week in my group. Plus I try to do atleast 100 abs a day because I enjoy them!! <crunches, flutter kicks, & planks>

Jessica Lynn Shared Her Skinny Body Max Update

Water is my best friend but I still enjoy my coffee and a few energy drinks <zero sugar zero calories ones> now and then I take 2 Skinny Body Max around 11am daily & 1 Skinny Body Max and 1 Skinny Fiber around 6pm daily. It is easier this way for me. I take both products because I love the enzymes in Skinny Fiber and how I also get a great full feeling in the evening so I don’t snack. Skinny Body Max helps give me a boost of all natural energy and the probiotics keep me going….if you know what I mean hehe. Sorry the angles are a little off but my 4 year old took the 2nd pic hehe.

*PS this is after Baby number 5 who will be 4 months very shortly…
*I personally buy 2 Skinny Body Max and get 1 free Skinny Fiber a month just to keep my personal supply in.

 The deals of Buy 2 get 1 free and buy 3 get 3 free are too great to pass up.

♡☆CONSISTENCY IS KEY!!! Whether I get a workout in or eat a horrible meal I NEVER SKIP A DOSE!! And if I forget I still take them as soon as I remember.

Try Skinny Body Max 100% Risk Free For 90 Days.

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