*Jodie Shared Her Skinny Body Max and HiBurn8 Update

Hi everyone!!! I’m just checking in to show my personal story with you again! It’s been 2 weeks and wanted to show the progress I have made in just 2 weeks!! I haven’t stepped on the scale or measured however there is a CLEAR visible difference lol.

Jodie Shared Her Skinny Body Max and HiBurn8 Update

Thanks to my Skinny Body Max and my HiBurn8 I am continuing to lose weight and inches. Proof is in the pics 😊 if you really look at the bottom of my scrub top you can see that my butt is getting smaller thank goodness! Lol.

People may wonder what I do besides the Skinny Body Care and to be honest not real much besides some light walking. I wanted to show the difference it makes without major changes in what you do! My next 90 day challenge is going to incorporate more exercising let’s see where we get from here! I’m so excited!!

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