*Julie Shared Her Skinny Fiber Update

I’m Julie and I am amazed that anyone would ever be interested in my fitness journey. You see, I’ve always been the “big” girl. I didn’t get picked for teams because no one wanted the fat girl to slow them down. I ended up doing solitary activities because I could be safe from the ugly remarks of the “pretty people.”

I found solace in food and my weight remained an issue all through growing up and into adulthood. Fortunately, I am very introverted and things like hiking and canoeing and biking alone helped me cope with the rest of life. I also have a wonderfully supportive husband. And, even though I was still the fat chick, I remained active. Now, I am also an actor and musician and I perform on stage a lot….and people take pictures.

I didn’t like what I was seeing in the photos but I didn’t really have any plans for how to change it either. A dear friend shared her Skinny Fiber info with me and, after suspending my skepticism, I decided to try it. I didn’t have any expectations and I really haven’t felt much different. I eat real food, steer clear of processed stuff, and try to be moderate in portion control.

I don’t deny myself anything! I also stay pretty active and have found that I can even enjoy activity with other people….in small doses! I have become a strong pole dancer and aerialist. I work out on aerial silks, lyra and pole approximately 10 hours a week. I also teach pole fitness. When I started Skinny Fiber my weight was around 217 lbs. I didn’t want to really know how big I had gotten. Today, I hover around 198. I have a long way to go but I know it’s possible

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