*Kinyatta’s Skinny Fiber Update and Testimony

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“Hello All! Here’s my update. I have completed my 1st 90 Day Challenge, and I intend to complete a second 90 Day Challenge. I’ll tell you right now, I didn’t do any measuring or weighing – so I can’t tell you about inches or number of pounds lost. What I can tell you is I was wearing a 12/13 in the …”before” picture and now I wear a size 8/10.

Kinyatta's Skinny Fiber Results

I wear “mediums” instead of large/extra large. I chose not to drive myself insane checking the scale every week. I instead challenged myself to get back into clothes I used to wear almost 10 years ago! There’s no magic to this folks…all you have to do is take your Skinny Fiber daily, consistently and drink the recommended amount of water for your weight. As a matter of fact, as a result of using Skinny Fiber, I no longer crave juices/sodas like I used to. I only drink water – and many Skinny Fiber users can attest to this same transition from drinking sugary juices to exclusively drinking water.

I no longer crave sweets, sugars, carbs in the manner that I used. I incorporated more fruits/veggies into my diet, as well as cut back on red meats. I eat lean means such as chicken breast and turkey. I didn’t work out that much during the 90 Days, but I did actually start going to the gym last week because I wanted to have nice toned arms – now that the weather is breaking and I’d be wearing my arms out!! In terms of my health, I no longer suffer from IBS, nor do I experience the troublesome PMS symptoms I used to experience, and as an added bonus, I swear that I sleep soooo much better at night!!

So, that’s it!! Like I said, I’m not saying anything different from anyone else who has testified about this product! It really does work. You just need to stick with it! You might not see a difference in week one, week two, but if you keep going, like I did, one morning you’re going to wake up and say OH My Goodness – I do see where Skinny Fiber is actually working for me!!! Give it try and Good Luck!!!!”

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