*Laura Shared Her Skinny Fiber Update

“So happy to say that I have completed my first 90 day challenge!! Well even though this a bit embarrassing to share a personal issue I have I know I am not alone and want others to know they are not either. When I started this challenge my main focus was to try skinny fiber to help with serious IBS issues I had suffered with long enough. I was in so much pain daily…

I allowed my IBS issue to take control over me and it unfortunately effected all aspects of my life. I knew I was ready to take control. I never would have been able to for see all the great things that were around the corner for me. I began to be more energetic, have less anxiety, no more pain and was losing weight!

Now since my main goal was not to lose weight I did not keep track of measurements but the weight loss was definitely a bonus…now I’m down a pant size, lost 25lbs, feeling pain free and have never felt better about myself! I feel free and in control of my body thanks to Skinny Fiber! That is more rewarding than ever!”

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