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So this is me
I’ve been wearing double and triple layers of clothing for months bcuz of the cold weather.. didn’t see my progress – till today
It’s been a journey indeed – a 3 yr road and worth every step!! I went from a 190 lbs (on my 5’2” frame) and eating empty carbs and filler foods and waaaaay too much coffee and definitely NOT enough water TO more protein and veg/fruit than carbs, next to nothing for junk foods and the proper level of water to keep my body hydrated  thanks to the help of Skinny Fiber.

After too many decades of up and down weight to the point where my body just stopped losing and only gained and gained and gained  i needed a tool to give my body a boost and i found it after watching for months how others got results with the product … it works it really does – an all natural supplement that detoxes the body on a cellular level with herbs and enzymes and no nasty side effects like other products i used over the years (and did who knows what kind of damage to my body),

It’s not just weight loss – it’s inches too and getting my body back to being a HEALTHY body!! (skinny is the bonus) Skinny Fiber just plain works!! I’ve got 10 – 15 lbs weight wise to reach my goal – i may have taken the slower road (consistency is key) to get to my goal BUT just like the tortoise i’m winning  

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