*Michelle Shared Her Skinny Fiber Update

My name is Michelle. I am 41 years old and in pre menopause. I have been on Skinny Fiber for 8 weeks and have lost 16 lbs and 17 inches. I am 6’2 so 211 lbs may not look like alot but it sure felt like alot. I still have a little ways to go to get to my goal weight but I feel so much better than I did.

I sleep better, I have more energy, my hair and nails are growing like crazy and my eczema/psoriasis is completely gone, Im not having any hot flashes and my monthly cramps are down to nothing when I would be laid up for two days with a heating pad before! I have been off soda for almost 3 months, I try to eat mostly low carb, drink tons of water and exercise and walk when I can.

Skinny Fiber has definitely curbed my cravings for sweets and soda. I had a major Mt Dew habit which I tried to quit so many times but was unsuccessful, now I have no craving whatsoever. Skinny Fiber has changed my life!

P.S. My hair is different because the first picture was taken by someone and the second was taken in a mirror.

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