*Nanda Shared Her Hiburn8 Update

I finally got around to it. This is my 30 day Skinny body max and hiburn8 results !!!!!!!!

I am nadja 43 years old . I am a testimony with in itself to even tell my story . I am a survivor of Lupus. I have battled with my thyroid since age 16 and I have high blood pressure. I just had a partial knee replacement this time last year. I STILL, battle everyday with arthritis but I don’t let is beat me or keep me down.

I feel then it wins instead of me. As we all know when we go to the doc office they tell you first thing you will do better if you get the weight off. I have done just about every weightloss yo-yo diet, medical supervised diet there is. Now I’m not saying they didn’t work some did. But I gained it eight back or it made me sick.


I couldn’t stand the smell of the pills so I didn’t take it. You name it I tried it. Because of my thyroid I have to do twice as much as the average person would to lose weight. Which is very discouraging to begin with. One day I came across skinnybodycare. I said well what do I have to lose again. So I bout it. Then my coach contacted me and that inspired me even more . I wasn’t alone. He explained how to do it. Even checked on me. It was different than anything that I tried before.

I would take hiburn8 at night. I would normally be tired in the morning when I got up because I got up in the middle of the night. The next few days I noticed I was wide awake in the morning feeling well rested. I started working out at 5 am ,when my body felt it was up to it in in the morning . ( I love my sleep). I then started to notice my work clothes started to get looser. Face started to thin out. I started eating less but still eating mostly what I wanted. It made me want to change to healthier ways . It made me want to share my blessing with others. Like look what I did you got to try it.Something works and it’s easy.

Today 30 days later: I am 12 pounds lighter , lost 3 inches from my waist and half inch from my arms and thighs. I still have 60 days to go. So I am like what will I look like by then!!!!!!!!

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