*Renee’s Skinny Fiber Review

“Hi! My name is Renee C. and I am a new customer and distributor for Skinny Fiber! I began my 90-day Challenge December 15, 2014 and today is March 18, 2015. I just had my diabetic check up and showed my doctor the bottle of what I was taking. His reaction? “Is it working?” My answer was “Yes!” He said “Keep taking it.” So…

renee skinny fiber review
I have officially lost 14 lbs. and many, many inches. I am down one pant and shirt size. Not only do I feel better about myself, I am feeling healthier than ever! You see, I have diabetes, borderline cholesterol issues, and am prone to kidney stones.

Since starting Skinny Fiber and drinking approximately 124 oz. of water daily, I have cut my diabetic medicine in half, my A1C went from 7.1 to 6.0, and my cholesterol went from 187 to 173. I will always be a “big girl”…but I want to be a HEALTHY big girl. With Skinny Fiber, I believe I have found the way!


I can take my Skinny Fiber an hour before my meal and am full half-way through it…and, even if I forget…it’s okay…I take them my next meal. As for me, I will keep up with my Skinny Fiber as long as I can to stay on the healthy track. I will also promote it to all my customers because I believe it is such a great product!”

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