Holly ImageHolly says:
“Hello my name is Holly I have been on Skinny Fiber about 8 months now and I have went from 291lbs to 186lbs i have lost 105lbs and still going strong and I have went from a size 26 to a size 12.. But not only have I lost weight but My health has made a huge change.. I No longer have Acid Reflux issues, my IBS is GONE.. Skinny Fiber has really Given me back my life without it I don’t know where i would be.. I just wished i would of started it sooner.”


Marlee imageMarlee says:
“Skinny Fiber is as easy as 123 open the bottle take 2 drink water. life changing! I don’t crave the things that I used to crave and I eat less. I’m not hungry like I used to be all the time and I have more energy I look great I feel great I exercise because I have energy to exercise now all is fabulous”


Royann imageRoyann Said:
“Top left was the start of my Skinny Fiber journey. Bottom left was after one month. The right side was taken Friday.
43 pounds GONE and still losing weight! I haven’t changed my diet much, and the only exercise I have been doing since October is working. Yes, Skinny Fiber does work! I have finally gotten past the point of where I would get stuck at. I am still losing weight and getting closer and closer to my goal! I love my Skinny Fiber!”

Veronica image
Veronica says:
“Skinny Fiber totally changed my life, I was at my highest weight and depressed.
I started taking it and first week was sleeping better, I had more energy and all over feeling of goodness.
I gave up soda and switched to water, Now I have lost 41lbs without exercise, down from a size 20 to 14, now I’m going to add exercise. Its the first product that really curbs my appetite. Friday went to doctor more good news all my blood work is perfect cholesterol and A1C perfect and Doctor lowered my blood pressure pill…YAY I’m excited”

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