Richard Shared His Skinny Body Max, Skinny Fiber, and HiBurn8 Update.

I was so thankful for all of the amazing people that I have met at the Skinny Body Care event in Nashville. I can’t thank Claire enough for her support and encouragement. My weight had peaked at 402 pounds. I felt miserable and ashamed. I wouldn’t even admit at the time that it was over 400 pounds. When people asked me I would say that I weight just over 365 because that was a number that my horribly low self-esteem would allow me to say without having an emotional breakdown.

In my before photo I am wearing a traditional Korean outfit called Hanbok that I wore to a martial arts awards event. I remember when I ordered it the tailor e-mailed me back to say that there was something wrong with the measurements because no human could possible be that big. In the after photo you can see me wearing my martial arts uniform.

A combination of diet that I learned from my personal trainer who is a professional wrestler, the Skinny Fiber, Skinny Body Max and Hiburn8 by Skinny Body Care and a huge dose of encouragement from Claire who got me to get my products through SBC  instead of getting my products from Amazon because SBC offers  a  money back guarantee . I’m so glad that I did. In 18 months my body weight went from 402 pounds down to 162 pounds. That is a total loss of 240 pounds.

I will never stop taking the products. They are so much more than weight loss products they are health gaining products and in my case life changing and life saving. I haven’t felt this healthy since college. If I can do this at 61 years of age then I’m sure than anyone can do it.

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