*Shannon Shared His Skinny Fiber Testimonial and Update

So, I have been holding off to tell my story but now is the time. 3 years ago, I started taking Skinny Fiber. I started it because I needed to try something besides an expensive Cholesterol medication. How bad was it? My Cholesterol was 304, my triglycerides were 697!!! I was a ticking time bomb!! I also weighed in at 298 lbs!!

I started taking Skinny Fiber in March of 2014 after the blood work in February 2014. I was scared and I really did not want to take the medications they were wanting me to take. It is freaking expensive. Nearly $125 a month and that is with insurance!!! I started taking Skinny Fiber and was ho hum about it but I took it so my wife would be happy.

Well I lost 10 pounds in 3 months. That was good and all but in July 2014 I had my bloodwork done again. My Cholesterol was down to 228, and my triglycerides were 230!! This was a huge change and my doctor was freaking out at how I made such a change. So I kept taking Skinny Fiber.

Well fast forward to June 2016. Now I still had not lost a lot of weight and I roller-coastered up and down. I had been having a weird pain in my groin for nearly 2 years and I did not think much of it until it kept getting worse. Well in June of 2016 we found out what it was. I had severe osteoarthritis in my left hip!!

The only option was to have a hip replacement. I was freaking out I am only 44 years old I kept saying!! I had the replacement in October 2016! 2 months after the surgery I was able to start back on Skinny Fiber. At my pre-op I weighed in at 292 pounds. Now 5 months after my surgery I am down to 265 pounds!!! I feel great and I am happy to say that I am not longer in pain! It was a long journey but in the end one thing was for sure. I could not do it without SKINNY FIBER and SKINNY BODY CARE!! Change your life! TAKE ACTION!!

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