*Shawn’s Skinny Fiber Update

“Started my journey back in February. The before picture was taken in March a couple weeks after I started Skinny Fiber . The after picture is this past Friday!

I have lost a lot of inches. I have lost more inches than weight but I expected that because some women tend to do this as I was advised by the person I ordered from! I do not share numbers because I stay away from my scale.

Shawn Skinny Fiber ReviewIf I get on it once, I will continue to get on it frequently and get discourage when I do not see progress.

So I chose to go by a belt loop having to go in another notch and clothes getting bigger that were once tight or I could not fit now can fit with room!

Skinny Fiber has managed my eating. I am a visual and stress eater! Okay to tell the truth…I love food! I can be full and will continue to eat because it taste so good.

So with taking Skinny Fiber I am eating a lot less. In the beginning, I had to fight my mental on this because of my eating habits mentally.

Plus what I was taught as a child by my parents; eat everything on the plate. So the mental struggle was real for me. Forty plus years of that learned childhood lesson.

I learned to stop eating when full regardless of how good the food taste…lol! So it took me a little longer to see results because of my mental.

For the skeptics, I am visual proof of what Skinny Fiber can do. I tried some other products that did not work but Skinny Fiber works!!!

I would not have decided to share this all natural product if it did not work! I just wanted to share what was brought to me and changed me in a matter of a few months to you!!!”

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