Skinny Body Care Matrix Commission

Matrix Commissions

Once you activate your position as a distributor with 50BV in personal volume, you are given a business center position in our 3 x 8 matrix. This will allow you to earn income on all product purchases and sales for customers and distributors, after their initial order, up to 8 levels in your matrix. As you achieve higher levels of rank, you will qualify you to earn on additional levels of volume in your matrix.

The first order of every Customer and Distributor is paid out through Fast Start Bonuses, meaning zero BV from the initial order goes into the matrix.

New: On the second month order, 20BV goes into the matrix, and on the third month order and each order beyond, 50BV goes into the matrix and is paid out through Matrix Bonuses, Matching Bonuses, and Leadership Pools.

All percentages in the above chart are based on Business Volume (BV). Earnings per level column is for example purposes only. Amounts are based on 50BV in product sales per person with all levels and positions in the matrix filled. These numbers are not to be understood as an implied nor guaranteed amount of what any individual will earn in the matrix as all commissions are based on product sales and nobody can predict nor guarantee how many people will purchase product each month nor how many people will be under you in the matrix.

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