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“Happy New Year. I completed my first 90-day challenge! As you’ll read in my testimony below I didn’t set any records, but I’m back in a weight losing mode again. Lessons learned. I’m including my testimony and pictures; you can use them as you want.

Sonnie Skinny Fiber Review

When my husband and I married over 39 years ago, I was a skinny size 9 at 125 pounds. I had lost 35 pounds to achieve
that. Didn’t stay there long…The top point came around our 38th anniversary when I peaked at 284 lbs. whoops! My husband received over twice the wife he bargained for..(and not in a good way either)!

My health was failing and I had a long list of obesity related conditions, including Diabetes. When I went to the doctor my diabetes was out of control in the upper 300’s, I felt like crap, my fibromyalgia was flaring and my clinical depression had dumped my desire to live into the gutter. I was addicted to Popsicles….eating a box of six fruit Popsicles at a time was normal behavior! Daily. Lots of bad habits, bad effects and not much happiness…bad way to exist.

Well, the doctor adjusted my meds and I quit Popsicles by just not replacing the last box. That brought me down to 266 lbs. This is when I started seeing lots of before and after weight loss photos, all associated with Skinny Fiber. It started to look good, and I thought to myself “I want to try that!..” Meanwhile a warm, caring message showed up on my IM in response to a friend request. After some discussions over about 6 weeks, I decided to become a customer of Skinny Body Care

Starting an intentional, life-changing path right around the autumn and following holidays was OK….until the holiday meals rolled around. Nature did its thing; you know….calories in, weight on! I bounced from my low of 249 to 262. Oh phooey. My body was toxic again….but the New Year brought another downward trend. I end this 90 day challenge, down 11 pounds and have gone from a tightly packed 3X to loose 3X’s and in some 2X’s. While the results aren’t prize-winning, I see many good things: the Holidays, and all those feasts are over and I am on a solid downward trend. I notice that I am in a low-blood sugar state between 45 and 70 almost daily. Have another doctor appointment soon; I hope there will be reducing meds!! My emotional, mental and spiritual state are MUCH improved. I’d say I am in a good position for the next 90-day challenge. Bring it on!!!”

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