*Susie Shares Her Dad’s ‪‎Skinny Fiber Results..

I AM SO PROUD OF MY DAD! He has been taking Skinny Fiber for 30 days!! He has COPD and is unable to exercise due to needing a hip replacement very soon. He takes blood thinners and is a diabetic. He has lost a total of 9 pounds. His jeans were a size 38 and now his 34’s are falling off of him.

Arms stayed the same at 20 inchesSUSIE SKINNY FIBER TESTIMONIAL

Bust: start 43 1/2 and now 41 inches
Belly: start 44 and now 40 inches
Waist: start 42 and now 39 1/2 inches
Leg: Start 20 and now 18 1/2 inches

This is why Skinny Fiber works:



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