*Sylvia’s Skinny Fiber Review and Testimony


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“Hello Everyone! ! Here is where I am at the beginning of 2015!! The first pic was taken before Skinny Fiber in Sylvia Skinny Fiber ReviewNovember 2012(I started taking Skinny Fiber March 2013) and the other New Years Eve 12/31/14. I have lost a total of 64 pounds and tons of inches!

I have so much more energy, no more heartburn, and no more pain in my hands, knees, or back! It’s just amazing how good Skinny Fiber helps you feel! Before Skinny Fiber I hated myself! I would hide at home because I was so embarrassed of myself! I had no energy and would be so tired all the time to the point where I could not keep my eyes open just sitting on the couch!

It was so awful! Then I found Skinny Fiber and am finding myself again! Skinny Fiber has really changed my life!!! And if I can do it! Then so can you!”

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